35 years on the slope


Industry Expertise
NOSI prides itself in understanding everything about your company needs so that we can provide solutions that add value to your business. We do this by offering quality products at competitive prices and making recommendations that are tailored to your project needs.

As the only full Chevron branded distributor on the slope, NOSI provides lubrication solutions that reduce operating costs and maximize your company’s profits by extending the life of your machinery.

  • Bulk fuels
    • Ultra low sulfur diesel
    • Aviation fuel – Jet A and Jet B
  • Lubricants
    • Bulk delivery
    • Drums
    • Package
    • Pails
  • Greases


We provide on-site service and products through our NOSI Operations Facility and Tank Farm, both located near Deadhorse Airport on the North Slope. Completed in 2010, and expanded in 2012. Together, these facilities provide:

  • Safe environment: modern, safety-compliant new construction
  • Intact reserve: space for weeks or months of fuel storage
  • Product integrity: temperature-controlled warehousing for packaged goods

NOSI is the only full-service Chevron 1st Source marketer on the North Slope.


NOSI was formed in 1975 to provide fuel, lubricants and water to the oil and gas companies exploring the North Slope. Since then, it has become a leader in providing that same service to meet the needs of today’s exploration and development companies. NOSI also serves Red Dog Mine, one of the world’s largest zinc deposits, near Kotzebue.

NOSI partners with you to understand your needs and propose solutions that add value to your business. We offer quality products and competitive prices, tailored to you.


Bulk Fuels

  • Diesel, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, Unleaded Gasoline
  • 1 M+ Gallon Tank Farm
  • 24-Hour 365-Day Fuel Access
  • Deliveries to Camp or Exploration Sites Slope-Wide
  • Fleet Fuel Dispensing
  • Aviation Fuels
  • Methanol
  • Remote Fuel Tank Set Up

Potable Water

  • Potable Water Deliveries to Camp or Exploration Sites

Chevron Lubricants

  • 1st Source Chevron Marketer
  • Antifreeze
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Long Haul Trucking

  • In-state Full Tanker Load Delivery


NOSI has created a culture of safety, and is committed to exceed industry standards and regulations. All employees complete the North Slope Training Cooperative program (NSTC). NSTC develops and maintains high quality, standardized health, safety, and environmental training for workers on the North Slope and throughout Alaska.

As a result of this commitment to safety, NOSI recorded zero lost time injuries in 2009 and 2011. In 2011, NOSI implemented “Fit for Duty Testing” to be a proactive leader in industry safety. NOSI’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR) has been below 1.0 since 2009 (0.79, 0.82 and 0.75, respectively).


NOSI invests in protecting the environment. Employees receive extensive training in spill prevention and response. We also use environmentally sensitive products that have a low environmental impact. Chevron’s clarity synthetic hydraulic oil exceeds requirements established by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Fish and Wildlife for non-toxicity and biodegradility.